Ecological Consultants

Beacon Ecological is an ecological consultancy providing solutions for ecologically sustainable development and biodiversity management.

Quality results are delivered within agreed time frames to ensure rapid project progress.

A key element of our work is our ability to balance threatened species conservation and development through the production of realistic management strategies and the provision of ecological advice.

Beacon Ecological (ecological consultancy) is able to provide a range of services and advice from suitably qualified and experienced ecological consultants, including:

·       Net Gain Assessments

·       Habitat Hectare Assessments

·       Offset Management Plans

·       Native Vegetation Assessments

·       Fauna Surveys and Habitat Assessments

·       Ecological Research (scientific monitoring and surveying)

·       Targeted Surveys for significant flora and fauna species

·       Environmental and Ecological Management Plans

For more information regarding the services Beacon Ecological can provide as an ecological consultant please click “contact” in the menu above or visit our home page at

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