Offset Management Plans

Commensurate gains, to compensate for permitted native vegetation loss, and actions to achieve a net gain are set out in an Offset Management Plan.

An Offset Management Plan typically details:

  • Native vegetation losses (a value provided in habitat hectares and number of scattered trees)
  • Native vegetation targets required to achieve a net gain (a value in habitat hectares and number of trees)
  • Offset proposal (details of proposed offset site)
  • Actions to achieve a net gain (management actions required for implementation)

Only once the first two steps of the Net Gain approach (avoid and minimise native vegetation removal) have been addressed to the fullest extent possible, can appropriate offsets be considered (step three of the Net Gain approach).

Offset Management Plans should be prepared by suitably qualified and experienced ecologists with a current ‘Habitat Hectare Competency Accreditation’ from DSE.

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