Golden Sun Moth

The Golden Sun Moth Synemon plana is a significant invertebrate species listed as critically endangered under the Commonwealth EPBC Act, and listed as a threatened taxon under the Victorian FFG Act.

The responsible authority (i.e. council, State or Commonwealth Government) may request a targeted survey for the Golden Sun Moth if an action will result in the removal of potential Golden Sun Moth habitat or known Golden Sun Moth populations.

DESCRIPTION: The Golden Sun Moth is a medium sized moth, which flies during the day. The female Golden Sun Moth is grey, brown (upperwing) and bright orange (hind wing) in colouring. The male Golden Sun Moth exhibits similar upperwing colouring, however can be distinguished by bronze/brown patches on the hindwing – instead of bright orange. Golden Sun Moth have clubbed antennae.

HABITAT: Golden Sun Moth habitat generally consists of native temperate grasslands and open grassy woodlands where the ground layer is dominated by wallaby grass (Austrodanthonia spp.). However recent surveys for the species indicate Golden Sun Moth also inhabit degraded grasslands dominated by exotic species.

DISTRIBUTION: The Golden Sun Moth was once prevalent throughout the native temperate grasslands of Victoria, NSW, the ACT and south Australia. Fragmentation and development of these grasslands has significantly reduced Golden Sun moth populations.

TARGETED SURVEYS: Targeted surveys for the Golden Sun Moth should be undertaken at any location likely to support the species. Sites containing suitable habitat should be surveyed at least four times during the flying season and a known occupied reference site should be monitored to indicate the start of the flying season (November – January). Golden Sun Moth surveys should be undertaken during the warmest part of the day, when cloud cover and wind are minimal, and flying males are easily spotted.

NOTE: Targeted surveys for Golden Sun Moth should be undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced personnel with appropriate permits and approvals.

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