Luke Hynes – Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Luke has over seven years experience in ecology and natural resource management matters in south-east Australia, specifically southwest Victoria.  He has worked as a botanical consultant since 2005, working for both State Government and the private sector where he has undertaken extensive botanical assessments, communicating ecological findings through detailed reports and presentations.  

His work as a consultant includes bushfire and ecological assessments, project management and report preparation for a range of vegetation communities throughout Victoria.  Consultant reports typically require detailed literature reviews, comprehensive surveys to provide information on the bushfire, biodiversity and ecological significance of sites, and to confer professional advice to clients in relation to Commonwealth and State Government environmental legislation and policy.  A key quality of Luke’s work is his ability to balance threatened species conservation and sustainable development through the production of realistic management recommendations.  Luke has demonstrated these skills in bushfire management statements, environmental management plans, reports required for permit applications, ecological impact assessments, and Net Gain assessments.  

During his recent consulting experience he has liaised with a range of clients including local councils, planning consultancies, road authorities, water and power utilities, property developers, engineering firms and government agencies.  Luke’s experience with various agencies gives him a rounded and broad view of the bushfire and ecological issues throughout Victoria.